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Top Paying Jobs in USA

What You Need To Know About the Top Paying Jobs in the USA

The United States of America have the most diverse economy any other country in the world has to offer. With a GDP of more than $17 trillion, it is no wonder why the American economy is booming and there are so many different career opportunities. It is also no wonder why this country has such a large amount of unemployment. So many people want to work here and start their own business, but they cannot find employment. They do not know what they need to do to get hired and they do not know what jobs are out there that pay well. This article will discuss some of the highest paying jobs in America so you know where you should be looking for employment.

Becoming an architect is one of the highest paying jobs in America. People who work as architects will design buildings for both residential and commercial purposes. The average salary for an architect is about $80,000 per year; however, there are some architects that can make more than $100,000 per year! The demand for architects is very high because our population continues to grow, which means more homes are needed and more buildings need to be built.

A career in information technology can also pay well if you become a computer analyst or

There are various industries and companies that are currently hiring in the United States and offer competitive salaries.

The top paying jobs in USA are:

1.Anesthesiologist – $208,000+ per year

2.General surgeon – $208,000+ per year

3.Oral maxillofacial surgeon – $208,000+ per year

4.Obstetrician/gynecologist – $208,000+ per year

5.Orthodontist – $208,000+ per year

6.Periodontist – $208,000+ per year

7.Psychiatrist – $178,350+ per year

8.Physician – $166,400+ per year

9.Prosthodontist – $163,900+ per year

10.Oral Surgeon – $153,900+

In these tough times, it’s easy enough to find a job. Where it’s not easy is finding a good job that pays well.

I have gathered the top paying jobs in USA at the moment (2015) together with the expected pay and requirements to get the job.


The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) tracks employment, earnings and job growth across hundreds of occupations in the U.S. economy. BLS data can be used to identify high-paying jobs and the industries that pay them.

The highest paying jobs are in management, computers, engineering, and law. While many of these careers require additional training or work experience, they also offer higher salaries and greater opportunity for advancement. The highest paying industry is utilities, which pays an average annual wage of $104,220.

The highest paying jobs in the U.S. are very different from one another. Some require years of education, while others don’t even require a bachelor’s degree. The BLS reports that the top paying job in America is anesthesiologist, with a median annual wage of $245,100 in 2016. Anesthesiologists spend four years studying medicine after graduating from college and then four years as an intern or resident.

The second-highest paying job is surgeon, which also requires at least eight years of schooling after college but can pay much more than that — surgeons earned a median wage of $208,000 in 2016.

The top-paying jobs are almost all related to medicine and healthcare, but you’ll also find a few other high-paying jobs on the list: chief executive officers (CEOs), chief financial officers (CFOs) and software developers all made the top 10 list.

The top 10% of earners make far more than the other 90% combined — the top 10 percent earn a whopping 50% of all income in America.*

The medical field is well known for paying top dollar to those who are most qualified. In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports that six of the top 10 highest-paying careers are in medicine.

Surgeons and physicians are at the top of this list, earning an average annual salary of $255,110.

The next time you visit a doctor’s office or hospital, keep in mind that you’re likely being treated by someone with a six-figure salary.

Surgeons, physicians and related fields make up five of the top 10 highest-paying careers. The other five are in engineering and business fields.

The highest-paying jobs tend to cluster in two industries — and may prove less vulnerable automation.

The top 25 highest-paying jobs in America are concentrated in two industries, according to a new survey from compensation research firm PayScale.

The technology sector is well-represented: Eight of the jobs on this list are tech-related, including four of the top five. “There’s a lot of demand for people with skills,” said Lydia Frank, vice president of content strategy at PayScale. “It’s hard for companies to find qualified people.”

But the other industry that dominates the list might come as more of a surprise: 14 of the top 25 highest-paying jobs are in healthcare and medicine, including all of the top three.

“Healthcare is an area where there is not necessarily an oversupply of workers,” Frank said. “There is such a need for specialists.”

Those specialists can command high salaries — particularly surgeons and physicians in general, which dominate the list. “That’s one area where you’re always going to need people,” she said.

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